About Us

Family First Foundation began operating in February 2013 at her first Centro pa Prosperidad di Bida in Savaneta, the first capital of Aruba, with an objective to help strengthen and restore families and individuals from dependency to a healthy interdependency. We will work in the midst of those we aim to serve, in order to be as close as possible to the actual family, to make the entry-level contact as low, stress-less and fulfilling as possible.

Our Vision: “Healthy families for a prosperous Aruba”.

We believe that:

  • Every person has a profound desire for freedom, security, hope, self-respect and the opportunity to make a contribution to families, community and the world.
  • The principles of developing the family, begins by helping them to recognize and work constructively on the powerful strength in every human being.
  • Healthy families and individuals are interdependent on extended families, friends, cultural, social groups, neighbors and colleagues at work.

Our Mission:

By setting up of centers in different districts of Aruba, reach families/individuals and offer support, information, services and entertainment which will stimulate and direct them on a path to united, strong, healthy and prosperous families and individuals.