What is Family First Aruba?

Throughout much of Aruba’s history, the family unit was the cornerstone of society.  The values and traditions of this small island community were all based around family.  But as time marches on, technology and pop culture influences have made their impression on the island’s traditional family core. Over the past two decades, economic demands have made the stay-at-home parent nearly obsolete, and our on-the-go schedules infringe on important family bonding time.  Instead of a home-cooked meal enjoyed with leisurely conversation around the dinner table, dinner is often served out of a drive-thru window and consumed in front of the television.  Instead of activities enjoyed together, many families take to the computer to answer emails, catch up on work, or peruse their facebook.

The disintegration of the family unit sets our children up for a broad spectrum of consequences including poor academic performance, depression, teenage pregnancy, criminal delinquency, and substance abuse—all of which directly affect the fabric of our society.

Family First’s case studies have also shown us that family values and parenting skills are often not being communicated to the next generation, leaving very little life skills for which new parents can call on to raise and guide their children.

Family First’s mission is to strengthen and restore the family unit and individuals in discovering their identity, purpose and potential by guiding them on the path to a united, healthy, and prosperous future.