Our sponsors

De Palm Tours

Every time a customer purchases a tour from De Palm Tours, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting Family First Aruba. De Palm Tours has committed to provide a minimum of AWG 100,000 (USD $55,000) annually in financial support to the foundation. In addition, de Palm Tours will also make available its resources  such as buses, jeeps, vessels, event planning expertise to assist the foundation in its fund raising and other community events.

De Palm Tours Commitment

Since 1960 De Palm Tours has been successfully serving Aruba’s tourism industry. Our commitment now extends beyond our industry and into our community by supporting Family First Aruba. Our support for Family First Aruba ties in well with our core values. Approximately 70% of businesses on the island are family owned and operated so a strong family unit provides for a strong economy.

Other sponsors:

  • Caribmedia
  • CEDE Aruba
  • Divi Impact
  • Kiwanis Young Professionals Aruba
  • Fantastic Gardens
  • Delta Blue
  • Robertson Fire Protection
  • Setar NV
  • Franco Sneek